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Come and Visit Berlin! This is one of Europe’s most exciting cities. Notoriously spread out and secretive, here are some of our insider tips to Visiting Berlin. Make sure to check our schedule of events and tours for an amazing inside look at places from all over the city.

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Sustainable Tourism Berlin

Sustainable tourism is defined as the concept of visiting somewhere as a tourist and trying to make a positive impact on the environment, society, and economy. For visiting Berlin this means how you use transportation, what accommodation you choose, what food and drink you buy, and what activities you do. Berlin Declaration On“Transforming Tourism” In …

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know before you go moabit Berlin Hidden history

Know Before You Go: Moabit

Even though Berlin itself is not that old a city by European standards Moabit is even younger. It is thought that the first settlers here were the French Protestant Huguenot refugees 300 years ago and by the late-19th Century it had developed industrially and residentially into what we would recognize today. After the Post-War division …

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berlin mauerfall 30th year celebration

Mauerfall: Berlin Celebrates the Fall of the Wall

Mauerfall is a special day in all of Germany. This celebration marks the anniversary of the Berlin Wall Collapse. It is important to note that the national holiday the “Day of German Reunification” is celebrated on October 3. This is the day that formal reunification took place. The actual day that the wall came down was November …

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